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At the dawn of this century, a group of enterprising students struck fire from flint and steel, never imagining that those flames would grow into a firestorm – Tathva, the annual techno-management festival of NIT Calicut. What started out as a humble symposium of intrigued minds has escalated to become one of the biggest fiestas the nation witnesses. Tathva is the flight of a single banner that draws countless followers each year, united in their quest for technical and artistic excellence. 

Growing by epic proportions ever since its inception in 2002, Tathva aims to further the frontiers of possibility through events, workshops and competitions that drive students to explore their personal best. Beckoning forth an audience of thousands and judging panels composed of the nation’s premiers, you will find the most stellar platform created for the outpour of sheer talent.

Tathva ’15 hurtles its way to reality at break-neck speed, hauling a staggering event list that proves to enrapture every single one of its attendees. Be it the top-notch Robotics and Automobile display, or the high-stakes Coder wars and Blitzkrieg, the festival will unleash the tech-wired genius in its participants. Let the artistic realm of Adizya ravish your souls and the pulse of the competitions resonate with the livewire in you. Come, join our joie de vivre. Throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour of the normal, and set course for the experience of a lifetime.

Ideate. Illuminate. Revolutionize.

tathva '14

The fond memories of Tathva ‘14 will remain immortal in the minds of all those who took part. Tathva ‘14 was immeasurably bigger and better than its predecessors - the ultimate experience of technology and euphoria with participants competing for prizes worth Rs.1.8 million. Enlightening talks by Dr. Nupur Kohli , Varun Agarwal, Dr. Rajeev Khosla, Bikash Sinha coupled with awe-inspiring exhibitions by the Indian Army and DRDO highlighted the fest. The fourth edition of Aavishkaar scaled new heights with innovative projects-lighting up of houses in Malappuram, setting up a DTP centre in Koylandi and restoration of equipment at the Kozhikode Medical College. Clueless, the online game had everyone racking their brains to win the championship title. The artistic and aesthetic minds found their niche in Adizya which held the beautiful URAVU bamboo workshop and numerous lectures. Wheels thrilled the audience again with its audacious stunt-shows and state of the art automobiles. The star studded proshows of Tathva ‘14 held the crowd enthralled as Jonita Gandhi, Girish and the Chronicles and DJ Nucleya escalated the crowds to new heights of musical rhapsody. Tathva ’14 took the standards of the techno-management symposium to a completely different level.


Classroom learning is one thing, applying it is quite another. After all, actions prevail where words fail. Tathva'15 provides an ideal platform to interact with participants from the nation's premier institutions , as they compete for prizes worth more than Rs 1.8 million. From racing remote cars to testing managerial skills, Tathva has them all. Associate and interact with some of the brightest minds from across the country as they try their hand at coding, robotics, biotechnology, gaming and much more.


Lectures need not always be boring. And at Tathva, they never are. The lecture series at Tathva has seen pioneers from multiple fields sharing their ideas and knowledge. Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Richard Stallman, founder of GNU, Dr.Rajeev Khosla, renowned scientist, are just some of the distinguished personalities who have graced the Tathva stage. Tathva '15 promises to have an even more interesting array of lectures and lecturers alike to make this Tathva an unmissable event in your calendar.


True to its belief that one never learns unless one has experienced, Tathva aims to develop practical skills in a wide range of fields through its plethora of highly sought after workshops. The workshops explore a wide range of fields, engineering and otherwise, ranging from cyber security to mind dynamics. Feast your brain with all the knowledge you can get, for this Tathva, you'll have a bigger platter to choose from.


Witness the technical extravaganza at display at one of the finest exhibitions in the country. Previously, host to exhibits like the Indian Army’s barrage of weaponry that keep India safe, human emotion detecting robots Charlie and Matilda, and NITC’s own Robotics Interest Groups’ contraptions, Tathva ’15 has a lot more in store for the enthusiastic tech fanatics!


As a master of science, it is an engineer’s moral obligation to provide creative solutions to obstacles that the needy face in our society. Aavishkaar was conceived with that goal in mind. The social initiative of Tathva gives you the opportunity to use the ingenuity and knowledge that you have garnered from your classrooms for the betterment of society. Aavishkaar is driven by the belief that to catalyze development in our nation, basic amenities like healthcare and drinking water be accessible to every individual in the community. Over the past few years, Aavishkaar has grown into a revolution. Inventing a multifunctional wheelchair that can climb stairs, electrification of schools and villages in Wayanad and Malappuram, restoration of equipments in Kozhikode Medical College, setting up a DTP centre in Koylandi are some of the groundbreaking projects that have been undertaken by Aavishkaar. Join us this Tathva in taking forth the revolution.


At Tathva, where the best technical minds of the country meet to compete and learn, the artistically inclined have carved out a niche for themselves – Adizya. Adizya, organized by the architecture students of NIT-C, has grown to become a synonym for creative marvel in the realm of college fests by taking artistic talent and intent to higher levels of realization with each passing year. In its run, Adizya has broadened the horizons of the swell of students, with avant-garde workshops, as Adizya '14 exemplified with URAVU. The exclusive lecture series has seen the likes of Padmashree Ar: G Shankar who spearheaded the Green Architecture Revolution, grace the event. Adizya is the perfect avenue to nurture young talent, for art and technology to meet and find common ground, and for the creatively enterprising to be pitted against the best in the leagues.


The annual auto-tech show of Tathva, with tons of exotic and vintage cars, off roaders, superbikes and vehicle component expo from all over the world, is back. Accelerate your adrenaline with the adventurous and thrilling bike stunt performances that Wheels offers. Feast your eyes on Harleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis; displays by exclusive car clubs, wild choppers and stunt shows by professional stunt teams. Not just about ultra-modern motor vehicles, with Wheels you can also polish your knowledge of the automobile world with workshops, quizzes and talks.  For the automobile maniacs out there, Wheels brings to you the ultimate experience.  Get your energy boosted, and be there.


Be a spectator for one of the grandest performances by the finest artists on the most vibrant stage in South India. Get ready to witness the ultimate in celebration at a fest that has witnessed Toronto’s Nightingale, Jonita Gandi’s enchanting melodies, DJ Nucleya’s ear-dilapidating party music, and GATC’s metal music lustre. Tathva ’15 will bring you something better than you’ve seen or heard before.

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